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Hilarious Wet Cement Events You Should Know About.

People find humor in almost anything and wet cement is one of those things because you can catch comic actors doing scenes where they drive into or slip through it. The comedies can fool you into assuming that people do not actually do this. You will be surprised at how many of these fails take place on a daily basis. Here is a collection of these incidents that will make you laugh your heart out. There isn’t much you can do to make sure children learn to walk without going through some embarrassing moments. Not much can go well when kids are in a new building but if you have your camera you can capture moments that will make you laugh at any time. Kids will not think twice about walking through wet cement and the evidence of tiny footprints will be hard to miss. Getting mad at the kids is not easy given their innocence talk and faces and if you want to have some solid reminders of who they were as children in the future, you should leave the marks they have made in place.

Orange cones placed on a pathway are not a decoration and you should get the idea the moment you see them. This can also be a lesson for those who are good at ignoring these signs. This is what a woman who proceeded to park her Lexus on a freshly laid concrete slab where the best concrete driveway sealer had been used. As easy as it was for her to park the car, getting it out of the spot was tough. The police had to be involved and the road repair crew had to point out the numerous orange cones the woman knocked navigating her way. In online photos, the woman is seen sitting in the car thinking of how to get out of the situation given that the car was a lawyer. Think of taking another route when your path is blocked by orange cones because they always mean that that is not a path you should be taking.

Falling or tripping in the presence of other people can be humiliating especially if they notice and laugh at you which is why the first response for many is to comb the surroundings to see if anyone noticed and if not they will play it cool like nothing is amiss. A kid found himself in the situation and for your amusement, he left evidence. Thanks to Paul Ahem, the Instagram post tells the story vividly because the impression made by the child on the wet cement is hard to miss. From the post, you can catch the display of the splayed hands of the child, the grove left by the handlebars as well as the wheels, and even the cartoonish face which was squashed in the cement. Even though the neighbors missed the event and we do not have a video to see what actually took place, it is time to see that the child was riding a scooter when he fell.

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