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Important Attributes of a Great Camping Swag

Various camping swags from different makers differ in their design and characteristics. The good news is that you can find the ideal camping swag based on your specific requirements and cost limitations. Here’s a guide that can help you purchase the right product for a fulfilling camping experience.

The Fabric

Make sure your swag is made of a high-quality material, for example canvas. The fabric is excellent if it’s of high density and steady against tear. It’s also imperative to select material that’s rot proof, particularly if your camping site is wet.

Perfect Size

If you’re shopping camping swags, expect three regular size specifications: single, king, and double sizes. If you want the smallest swag spec, go for the single size. In case there’ll be two people sharing one swag, the best bet is the double size product.

Swag Style

Look for three common swag design options: the classic, the dome, and the tailor-made variety. Hikers and bikers who want something portable and fast to set up choose the traditional swag style.

The dome type is a design that creates a “tunnel” or dome when put together. You’ll need to install it using ropes and poles. Certainly, the dome-type swag is appreciably bulkier. The design is amazing to many 4WD and motorcycle adventurers because they don’t need a backpack to carry it.

In addition, the dome-type swag is impressive in that it provides a space between the person sleeping in it and the overhead cover. Likewise, the swag features a protective net to enhance airflow while guarding against insect infestation.


Poles are required in the installation of a dome camping swag. Such posts serve as frameworks for the base to enable the swag to remain upright. You have to identify steady posts as you’ll be using them multiple times each instance you’re installing or disassembling the swag. Normally, the best camping swags are equipped with posts of steel or a steel alloy. Such poles are steady, long-lasting, and can stand slight bending, hence their popularity. There are fiberglass poles too, although the material is not malleable, which is why the posts break at some point.

Mattress Style

During its manufacture, a camping swag is fitted with a mattress. The mattress of your preferred swag should not be too tough, exposing your back and other parts to pain as you sleep. While this mattress must offer the softness you need to feel comfortable, it should not be too tender to the point of shrinking to the ground when you lie on it.

You should carefully evaluate your preferred camping swag based on various properties. The most important considerations include a steady swag material, strong poles, good design, size, and mattress type.

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